Safety Management Improvement at PhosAgro 

In 2014, PhosAgro— one of the world’s leading producers of phosphate-based fertilizers, conducted a eight month project with Dupont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) to improve the company’s health and safety management system and reduce the employee accident rate.

While noting areas of success, DuPont experts highlighted process areas in need of improvement. These areas included introducing or updating procedures related to: behavioral safety audits, accident investigation, establishment of integrated safety structure, training activities, and development communication in the field. The DuPont team developed standards and a framework to improve injury prevention practices, updated the existing personnel motivation system and conducted training for 1,000 employees.

The results were swift and significantly improved the safety culture at PhosAgro. The total number of unsafe behavioral safety cases and hazardous situations fell by 37 percent. The new behavioral audit system revealed (and eliminated) over 1,000 hazardous situations. Overall, the company’s safety culture level rose by five percent and the accident frequency rate was cut by eight percent— denoting the beginnings of a transformation in the mind-set of employees.

Today, PhosAgro is building on the safety improvement project DuPont began last year. The company will conduct this final step unassisted but with the coaching from DuPont, PhosAgro staff is prepared to establish sustainable safety improvements and to continue promote safety independently.