As a world-class operations management consulting firm, we see the world through expert eyes. In an ever-changing world, we look beyond the trends, and if the numbers don’t add up, we read between the lines. We spot differences faster, push potentials harder and deliver real results on time.

And every day, we use our insights and experience to create safer, more sustainable and productive workplaces for clients all around the world. 

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The difference between a temporary fix and a lasting change comes down to having the right knowledge and experience. Our owner/operator expertise combined with the insights we’ve gained from working with clients around the world is what drives our ability to create meaningful, measurable results, over and over again.

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Expert View – DSS Celebrates 50th Anniversary

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is celebrating its 50th anniversary of making the world a better place. Learn More >

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Expert View – Global Operational Risk Management Survey Report

View details from the global Operational Risk Management Survey conducted by DSS. Learn More >

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Expert View – Leverage Technology to Improve Risk Management

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DSS Insights

Pursue the Common Ground in Effective ORM and OpEx

Learn why organizations should focus on value protection, value extraction and value creation to help achieve sustainable and profitable performance. VIEW FULL INSIGHT >

DSS Insights

Ensure Business Continuity

Learn how organizations can create a Business Continuity Management (BCM) system to help minimize disruptions to operations during turbulent times.VIEW FULL INSIGHT >


Bruce Power

Learn how the collaboration between DSS and Bruce Power led to culture change and improved safety performance throughout the organization.

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