Asset Productivity Consulting

The DuPont Production System and Asset Productivity Consulting

Experienced DuPont consultants customize our integrated Asset Productivity solutions to help clients increase profitability and reduce operating expenses. Our processes and production system can help maximize the productivity of virtually any operational asset.

Today, to increase shareholder value in spite of uncertain market demand and supply-chain volatility, many businesses press for continuous improvements in operational performance, while minimizing costs. DuPont experts customize our Asset Productivity processes and the DuPont Production System to help industrial organizations address this challenge. Our world-class management systems can help optimize productivity, reduce costs, and increase business profitability.

The Value of DuPont Best Practices

At DuPont, we apply over 200 years of real-world experience to extract the maximum value from our own operating assets. We have developed and refined our processes, results-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs), and industry best practices and standards. Our experienced consultants can apply this knowledge to help your organization implement customized solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. We can help you optimize your asset productivity, cost savings, product quality, uptime, and yields, all contributing to higher revenue and profits.

The DuPont Production System Methodology

The DuPont Production System is a holistic model for management that engages all employees with a common set of tools and techniques. Based on DuPont best practices, this system focuses on eliminating inefficiencies and waste, solving problems, and measuring progress. We develop worker and corporate core values, strengthen leadership and organizational structures, and implement focused processes and actions that establish this system throughout the organization. This system has helped DuPont and our clients to develop a standardized approach to production, defining realistic efficiency goals with attainable, measurable metrics and targets for financial performance and beyond.

One key goal of the DuPont Production System is to establish or expand an organization’s “Centers of Competencies.” By creating such hubs of expertise, we help to identify, develop, share and support best practices across multiple sites and business units. Rather than “pushing” initiatives to site directors, leaders are encouraged to “pull” support for their prioritized needs from the competencies and skills within the Centers of Competencies. This model quickly cultivates a beneficial operating rhythm within the organization.

This unique system is designed to maximize return on investment and net present value. Rapid gains in performance help to fund future transformation — creating a sustainable investment. The DuPont Production System reliably and comprehensively helps organizations reap financial benefits while establishing a sustainable culture of operational excellence.

The Seven Elements of DuPont Asset Productivity

DSS Asset Productivity consultants work with organizations in seven key areas to help them obtain the discipline necessary to improve and sustain operational efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.  
1. Maintenance and Reliability Systems
Our asset consulting experts find and resolve the root causes of process unreliability and poor equipment performance. A systematic approach can lower typical unit maintenance costs.

2. Manufacturing Capacity Processes
By increasing throughput, reducing cycle-time, eliminating bottlenecks, and enhancing workflows, we can often improve operations.
3. Energy Optimization
Many of our clients can obtain rapid savings of 2% to 3% in six months and 10% within two to three years by enhancing efficiency, safety, reliability and operability with superior technology.
4. Facilities Infrastructure Processes
Our proprietary audit process creates a timely, systematic way to help minimize the maintenance costs associated with aging facilities.  
5. Mechanical Integrity
Using components of our Process Safety and Operational Risk Management programs, we enhance regulatory compliance, while reducing emissions and operational failures, establishing a framework to manage mechanical-integrity activities.  

6. Product Quality and Process Controls
We apply our proprietary process dynamic analysis, control strategy synthesis, design for process operability, application of statistical methodologies, and quality improvement practices. We can often improve quality by as much as 100% to 400%, boosting profitability.

7. Organizational Capacity Improvements
Our consultants work closely with our clients to implement a comprehensive change management system, ensuring that all employees have the proper skills and appropriate tools to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your asset base.

Productivity Expert Garrett Forsythe

Garrett Forsythe is in the Sustainable Operations practice at DuPont, and helps clients lower costs and increase yields while reducing the environmental footprints of their organizations.



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