Energy Efficiency Consulting

DuPont Energy Efficiency Consulting

Our customized energy management solutions combine process and operational improvements with proven cultural change methodologies.Our experts can help your organization reduce energy costs, risks and carbon emissions, while gaining significant business advantage.

Today, a range of forces — from volatile energy prices and uncertain supply, to increasing environmental regulation and public concern over climate change — have combined to exert great pressure on energy-intensive industries to treat energy management as a strategic issue. The DuPont Energy Efficiency Consulting team has extensive experience in energy-intensive industries, from oil and gas to mining, to metal processing and chemical manufacturing. We apply this experience to help your organization integrate energy management into your business strategy and processes, delivering significant, sustainable results. Our energy management solutions help lead to substantial reductions in operational costs, risks and carbon emissions. Additionally, our Energy Efficiency Consulting experts can help improve your operational excellence, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Rising Pressure to Efficiently Manage Energy

Two global trends drive the mounting pressure on industry to manage energy more efficiently: rising energy prices and growing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Both result from increasing global demand, especially for non-renewable energy sources, the main contributor to GHG emissions. With global consumption expected to rise by 53% by 2035, the industrial sector can expect to incur increasing scrutiny as people everywhere focus on reducing energy and fossil fuel use, as well as carbon gas emissions. Industry consumes 52% of global energy and generates 20% of global carbon emissions. Increasing industrial energy efficiencies has the potential to significantly reduce emissions worldwide.

The Value of DuPont Best Practices

Over the course of two centuries, DuPont has developed and maintained an extensive, proprietary collection of best practices in energy management that are utilized across its global operations. We have compiled technical and process guidelines and performance criteria for operating, controlling and maintaining energy-intensive plant systems at top efficiency. This specialized knowledge has allowed DuPont to reduce energy use by 6% across its facilities worldwide since 1990, yielding over US$6 billion in savings to date.

DuPont best practices in energy and environmental management have delivered significant efficiencies and savings.

DSS Energy Efficiency Methodology

Our energy efficiency consulting experts possess vast experience in operations, maintenance, strategy, energy management, and equipment efficiency. We approach energy management from a low or no-capital perspective, and work with you to assess, rate and prioritize energy savings opportunities. This approach has been well-documented to produce some of the best results. We help your organization develop a roadmap to sustainable energy performance, long-term cost savings, and reduction in carbon emissions. If improvements requiring capital investment are needed, we help you prioritize and develop successful implementation plans.

We work closely with your organization to custom-design and implement enterprise-wide management systems and cultural change approaches, based on DuPont best practices. Our experts drive sustainable energy efficiency results, by:
•    Identifying and elevating energy cost as a strategic business issue
•    Identifying and executing the right projects to maximize gains
•    Implementing a vertically integrated management approach that secures results
•    Connecting the many components of complex energy management
•    Developing the skills and capabilities of people in your organization

Developing a Strong Energy Culture

Working with your existing installed base, our energy efficiency consulting experts can often achieve greater and faster improvements than would be accomplished by focusing on capital and new technologies alone. This is because becoming energy efficient is largely a matter of changing peoples’ behavior, both in your employees’ daily activities (e.g., the way equipment is operated) and in your approach to leadership. Using our proven change management methodologies, DSS energy efficiency consulting experts can guide your organization through a cultural transformation that yields quick value as well as sustainable long-term savings and efficiency gains.

Christopher Smith, Energy Expert

Christopher Smith is Global Practice Leader of Energy Efficiency Consulting for DSS, a global leader in operations management consulting which advises Fortune 500 executive teams worldwide.



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