Process Safety and Operational Risk Management Consulting

DuPont Process Safety Management Consulting

Drawing on over 30 years of real-world DuPont experience, our expert consultants help protect your organization’s people and assets from the process dangers, operational risks, and potential costs of hazardous industrial processes.

When your business includes hazardous processes, everything from the health and morale of your workers to your regulatory status and your profitability depends on ensuring that all your assets — from your people to your equipment and your community — are protected. DuPont Process Safety Management (PSM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM) solutions are based on over 30 years of our real-world experience in managing hazards at our own facilities. Our expert consultants can customize solutions that help prevent safety and environmental incidents for your organization, to preserve your business continuity, capitalization and right to operate, and — most importantly — to protect precious lives.

Implemented properly, process safety and operations risk management principles and systems can be effective in increasing not only the safety of your operation, but its productivity, cost efficiency, and quality as well. In fact, world-class PSM and ORM performance has become a competitive differentiator in many industries. DuPont Process Safety and Operational Risk Management experts apply our specific PSM and ORM methodologies as well as the integrated management best practices and proven cultural change processes that distinguish all of our consulting services. Our broad-based expertise can help your organization achieve sustainable improvements in leadership, management, organizational structure, and skills development, even as we help you reduce the risk of process-related environmental incidents and injuries. Productivity, reliability and quality improve, and significant direct and indirect costs of safety incidents are avoided.

The Value of Real-World Experience

The DuPont process safety management and operations risk management standards were first implemented over 30 years ago, and we continue to refine them. In addition to working with countless clients, our experience comes from managing process safety for more than 50 separate businesses within DuPont. Our workplaces, which include 200 facilities employing more than 70,000 people in 90 countries, are safer than most in our industry, and often at a significantly lower cost.

In the early 1990s, DuPont was asked to help develop the OSHA PSM regulation. Therefore, we are uniquely qualified to address the legal requirements of compliance, and can help your organization improve on any process safety management programs already in place. The DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) approach to managing operational risk and preventing process-related injuries and incidents draws on DuPont’s vast real-world experience, and addresses both the cultural and technical aspects of your organization.

A Comprehensive Continuum of Services

Our consultants can work with your organization along a continuum of PSM and ORM services, from development to implementation and improvement, based on your specific needs. Our three areas of focus are the creation of customized process safety management and operations risk management standards and systems, the instilling and strengthening of an organization’s safety culture and operational discipline needed to achieve excellence, and the assessment and continuous improvement of PSM performance.

DuPont experts can work closely with you to determine which PSM upgrades are appropriate, and help you innovate new processes or revamp an existing program. We can help you plan, design and develop your program, converting industry standards into site-specific procedures. With direct operations and implementation support, including training and coaching packages, our experts can then help you run it. And as you continue to refine your program, we can help you sustain and improve your performance for optimum results.


Safety Expert Srinivasan Ramabhadran

Srinivasan Ramabhadran is the DuPont Sustainable Solutions Global Leader for Process Safety and Risk Management Consulting. He helps clients develop integrated safety, health, and environmental management solutions.


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