BELCO® Marine Systems

DuPont™ BELCO® Marine Systems for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Meeting emission compliance standards is all we do.

DuPont™ BELCO® Marine Scrubber Systems for ship exhaust gas cleaning reduce SOx emissions from ship engines, boilers and heaters. Our systems enable vessels to meet sulphur emission limits as required by IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulations without switching to low-sulphur fuel.

BELCO® Marine Systems can be installed on any ship traveling in an Emission Control Area (ECA), from tankers and cargo ships to ferries and cruises and everything in between, on new builds or existing vessels.

The BELCO® approach is to design and supply exhaust gas cleaning systems that operate maintenance-free for extended periods of continuous operation in order to match or exceed periods between normally scheduled dry-docks. This allows our customers to concentrate on operations, not the control of emissions.

BELCO® has been an industry leader in delivering robust land-based industrial air scrubbing solutions to the refinery industry for over 40 years. BELCO® is now proud to offer its technology to the marine industry. Learn more about our scrubber designs here.