DuPont™ Marine Scrubber Design

DuPont™ Marine Scrubber: Designed for Reliability

Reliable exhaust gas cleaning systems for any maritime environment

DuPont™ Marine Scrubber

DuPont™ Marine Scrubber

Basic design of the DuPont™ Marine Scrubber tower. Auxiliary equipment and process flow diagrams available upon request.
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Our exhaust gas cleaning systems use wet scrubbing technology to effectively reduce SOx emissions from ship engines, boilers, and heaters, in retrofits and new builds.

DuPont™ Marine Scrubbers are the slimmest, most reliable equipment on the market. Our systems operate maintenance-free for extended periods of continuous operation to match or exceed periods between normally scheduled dry-docks. We have minimized moving parts to reduce maintenance issues. 

Our technology is suitable for retro-fits and new builds.

We offer the following systems:

  • Open Loop
  • Closed Loop
  • Hybrid 

Download the DuPont™ Marine Scrubber brochure or scroll down to learn more.

Slim Profile Allows scrubber to fit in existing funnel
Reduces Noise Replace the silencer
"Run Dry" Capability Exhaust through scrubber even when not scrubbing
No Bypass Required Reduces space and ductwork 
Low Pressure Drop  Scrubber meets engine manufacturer's back pressure requirements 
No fans Fewer maintenance issues, reduced power consumption
No water retention Low weight; minimal impact on ship stability 
Customizable Single-stream and multi-stream handling capability

BELCO, a DuPont company, has been engineering clean air for over 40 years. Learn more here.



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