MECS® High-Performance Sulfuric Acid Catalyst Products

MECS® Sulfuric Acid Catalyst Products

Our high-performance catalysts convert SO2 to SO3 for use in sulfuric acid production. Balancing activity and hardness, MECS® catalysts boost plant capacity and savings, while reducing SO2 emissions and optimizing pressure drop and service life.

MECS® has been a world leader in sulfuric acid process technologies and catalyst production for nearly 100 years. Our vast technical expertise and sulfuric acid production knowledge, coupled with our commitment to innovation, have resulted in a line of high-performance MECS® Sulfuric Acid Catalyst products, which increase the value of sulfuric acid production for our clients.

MECS® catalyst research and development is dedicated to balancing and optimizing four key performance attributes — activity, pressure drop, hardness, and service life — to yield the best sulfuric acid catalyst for every application. We produce a full range of high-quality catalysts, which deliver outstanding performance worldwide. Our knowledgeable experts can assist your organization in specifying the proper catalyst type for your converter design. 

High-Performance GEAR Series

Our latest catalysts feature a hexa-lobed ring shape and higher activity, to reduce pressure drop and improve performance.

The GEAR™ Series’ distinctive design helps increase energy savings, extend operating time, boost acid production, and reduce overall plant SO2 emissions.

This innovative sulfuric acid catalyst is characterized by its:

  • Geometrically optimized shape
  • Enhanced surface area
  • Activity improvement
  • Reduced pressure drop

Designated as GR-330 and GR-310, GEAR™ catalysts allow interchangeable use in all passes of the converter. GR-330 is produced in a 13mm diameter size, while GR-310 is 12mm in diameter.

High-Performance GEAR™ Series Catalyst


XLP Series Extended Surface Area
Our XLP Series enables low pressure drop and high conversion performance in all beds of the converter. XLP catalyst is the industry standard in sulfuric acid plants today.

XLP Series Catalyst


LP Series Rings
This series offers moderate pressure drop and high activity.

LP Series Catalyst


T Series Pellet Type
Our pellet design is ideal for low gas velocity converters, and applications where maximum durability is required for lower screening losses.

T Series Catalyst


Cesium Promoted
This catalyst series enables low plant stack emissions and lower ignition temperatures, for faster plant start-ups. 

Cesium Promoted Catalyst



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