MECS® ZeCor® Alloy Replacement Equipment

MECS® ZeCor® Sulfuric Acid Plant Equipment

Our complete line of replacement equipment is fabricated with unique, corrosion-resistant MECS® ZeCor® alloys. We can customize our breakthrough products to your plant applications, and help you quickly and cost-effectively strengthen new or retrofit solutions.

Sulfuric acid plant equipment made with the ZeCor® family of alloys — exclusively available from MECS® — deliver superior corrosion resistance in a wide range of sulfuric acid concentrations, temperatures and applications. We specify our unique alloys in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate your specific corrosion requirements and enable quick, cost-effective sulfuric acid plant repairs. We can also retrofit ZeCor® products into brick-lined carbon steel vessels or other conventional application equipment, upgrading your sulfuric acid plant equipment to boost performance and eliminate weak links. 

High-Performance, Corrosion-Resistant MECS® ZeCor® Alloys  MECS® process knowledge and experience, combined with our uniquely corrosion-resistant ZeCor® alloys, allows us to deliver high-performing and cost-effective sulfuric acid plant equipment.

Packing Support Grids in ZeCor®
Packing Support Grids in ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M offer more than 80% open flow area, resulting in excellent gas distribution.

ZeCor® Piping Systems
ZeCor Piping Systems and Fittings come standard or custom-fabricated in various sizes, to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade or repair acid piping systems.

ZeCor® Towers
ZeCor® Towers can be shop-fabricated prior to plant shutdown and staged on site.

Brink® Fiber Beds
MECS® offers a complete line of Brink® mist eliminators and replacement equipment featuring ZeCor®.

A Lower-Cost Alloy
ZeCor® alloys are less expensive than other alloys, and comparable in cost with traditional, lower-performing materials, such as cast iron and brick-lined carbon steel. Most importantly, the ZeCor® lifecycle cost is the best available.

Proven Welding Process
MECS® uses a proprietary welding process with ZeCor® alloy filler. The resulting welds meet ASME Code Section IX and maintain full corrosion-resistant properties throughout.

Cost-Effective Maintenance
ZeCor® alloys are lighter-weight and can be easily handled and welded on site by trained plant maintenance personnel, improving safety and reducing installation and maintenance time and costs.

A Complete Line of MECS® ZeCor® Replacement Products 
ZeCor® replacement parts and sulfuric acid plant equipment help our clients quickly and cost-effectively strengthen weak links. We offer a complete line of ZeCor®-fabricated major components and accessories.

  • Nozzle assemblies or sleeves are available in ZeCor®-Z, ZeCor®-310M and Zecor®-C to repair damage and significantly reduce the safety hazards of acid leaks.
  • Inline Strainers are available, as well as side and bottom Outlet Nozzles with Vortex Breakers.
  • Packing Support Grids in ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M are designed with more than 80% open flow area, resulting in excellent gas distribution, and can replace ceramic grid bars and locks.
  • Prefabricated Grating makes handling and installation easier, while providing enhanced performance over ceramic systems.
  • TowerGARD® Mesh Pads offer outstanding mesh pad mist elimination with a longer service life.
  • UniFlo® Acid Distributors ensure uniform acid distribution and less pressure drop.
  • Towers and Pump Tanks can be shop-fabricated prior to plant shutdown, and staged on site for insertion of UniFlo® Acid Distributors, Brink® Mist Eliminators, and tower packing such as WavePak™, which dramatically increases efficiency.
  • Piping Systems and Fittings come standard or custom-fabricated in various sizes, to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade or repair acid piping systems.

Replacement Acid Cooler parts and our FILMGARD®-5 system can upgrade any existing anodic protection (AP) acid coolers with a common, centrally controlled system that monitors up to three coolers with one operator interface.



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