Operational Risk Management

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Operational Risk Management

Operational risks are among the most significant risks organizations face.  Operational Risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events.  But operational risk may be better viewed as the risk arising from the execution of an organization’s business functions.  

Risk is inherent to any organization that is operational and seeking to create value. In order to sustain and continuously achieve its objective of generating revenue and delivering value, an organization must protect the people, assets and environment that are part of its operations. Operational risk management seeks to prevent loss by identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards and differentially managing associated risks.

If your organization has experienced any of the following, we’re here to help:

  • Loss of profits associated with low productivity
  • Right to operate impact following injuries despite overall strong safety performance
  • Loss of customers due to unreliable supplies
  • Financial loss and risk of bankruptcy due to catastrophic event

Stemming from our early years as a manufacturer of gunpowder, at DuPont, operational risk management is a strategic issue reflected in our core values and defining the way we do business.  This focus has allowed us to not only maintain our right to operate, but also to realize significant savings through operational efficiencies and minimize supply chain disruptions. More importantly, it ensured that our people and our neighbors are safe and healthy.

Learn more about our approach to operational risk management:

Learn more about how we can help protect people and assets:

Employee Safety: As a world safety leader, we can help you achieve a fully integrated safety culture that motivates employees, improves performance and productivity, reduces costs, and more importantly, sends employees home safely every night.

Process Safety Management: Through our own experiences and proven methodologies, our consultants can help enhance your safety culture, manage operational risk, and prevent process-related incidents and injuries.

Contractor Safety Management: Our experts help business owners and contractor firms reduce contractor-related injuries, downtime, and capital losses.  We customize and implement comprehensive contractor safety management practices, processes and programs based on real-world DuPont experience.