Contractor Safety Management Consulting

DuPont Contractor Safety Management Consulting

DuPont offers clients our own remarkable models for success in managing contractors, developed on DuPont capital projects, turnarounds and supplemental labor contracts. Our solutions help keep your organization safe, on time and on budget.

Today, workplace safety is a primary employer focus due to its far-reaching effects on worker well-being and productivity, as well as public opinion, and the direct and indirect costs of safety incidents. For organizations that employ contracted labor, securing workplace safety requires effective contractor safety management, a complex process with stakeholders at many levels. The broad-based experience of DuPont as a world-class manufacturer has given us the consultative expertise that our global clients rely upon.

DuPont has a long history of safely and successfully managing some of the world’s most significant capital projects, turnarounds and contracted supplemental labor engagements. Our consultants have delivered numerous successful contract solutions, improving the safety and well-being of supplemental labor forces, and establishing comprehensive contractor safety management systems on multibillion-dollar capital megaprojects. Whether your organization is in oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, chemicals, or other manufacturing industries, our processes can address your safety and management issues, formulate actionable plans, and help you achieve sustainable results.

The Value of Specialized Consulting

Our value as impartial observers lies in our ability to offer business owners an outside perspective that does not compromise on safety or operational discipline. Our experts begin every contractor safety engagement by clearly defining the scope of work. Next, we offer critical analyses that integrate proven best practices into the organization’s identified areas of weakness. The process is a partnership: our aim is not to change client systems, but to build client-specific methodologies and implementation tools. These provide the foundation to help ensure immediate results and a working process for continual performance improvement.

By partnering with our contractor safety experts, your organization will gain customized tools and processes that guide you from contractor bidding to contract awarding, orientation, and training, as well as contractor management and auditing, and post-contract evaluation for continuous improvement. Our solutions ultimately help you complete projects on budget, on time and without incident, avoiding labor disruptions and capital losses, while improving worker morale. You protect the environment and your reputation, improving asset performance and your bottom line.

Benefits to Business Owners

Working with DSS, business owners receive help that improves their ability to:

  • Protect people, environment and assets
  • Enhance operations performance through timely and efficient facility start-up, run-up and ramp-up
  • Avoid project cost and schedule overruns
  • Reduce project general liability and worker insurance costs
  • Improve contractor performance, as measured in assessments and audits


Benefits to Contractor Managers

Our process also provides the following help for contractor managers engaged in capital projects and continuous work:

  • Protection of people, environment and assets
  • Effective management of safety with short-duration employees
  • Strengthening credibility with owners for repeat business and better market competitiveness
  • Access to best practices in writing and fulfilling a contract
  • Access to best practices for project management to help avoid disruption, productivity loss, and schedule slippage
  • Improved safety performance metrics, which improves marketability



Contractor Safety Management Methodology

See how DuPont experts adapt our proven contractor safety management methods to benefit clients, based on our own capital projects and turnarounds.



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