Employee Safety Perception Survey

The DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™

The DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ is a self-service data-driven tool for understanding, benchmarking and catalyzing your organization’s journey toward world-class safety performance. Survey data has scientifically validated DuPont methods that help reduce injuries by strengthening your safety culture.

Since 1999, the DuPont Safety Perception Survey has helped organizations to evaluate employees’ perceptions of their safety program and identify behaviors, attitudes and other factors that can derail a safety program. The survey consists of multiple-choice questions that evaluate the three elements of safety management: leadership, structure, and processes and actions.

A Tool to Catalyze Your Safety Culture
Involving every level of your organization, the DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ gives your organization an objective, data-driven process for understanding how your safety culture changes over time. Each survey response can be compared within your organization, as well as to responses at external benchmark companies, with superior safety performance.

Periodic use of the DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ gives our clients an effective process for assessing, benchmarking and catalyzing safety culture improvement at every stage of their journey to world-class safety. DuPont Sustainable Solutions has worked with clients in 5,000 locations, in 45 countries, to help assess their safety culture and measure employee perception. Based on the success our clients have found with our traditional DuPont Safety Perception Survey, we’ve developed this new online tool to meet the needs of organizations that do not require a full safety assessment, but are looking for a starting point in understanding and improving their safety culture.

Scientifically Validated Methodologies
The DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ is hosted on DuPont’s secure servers where your survey data will be processed and analyzed by our team of experts. Your data results will also be mapped and benchmarked against our extensive database of 1.7 million industry data points so you can assess your organization’s performance compared to others in your industry.