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The Risk Factor

At the heart of creating a sustainable safety culture is changing behavior around risks. The Risk Factor uses the principles of affective psychology to systematically improve safety, health, and well-being by reducing the occurrence of behaviors that involve elevated and unnecessary levels of risks. It is designed to increase awareness of how we really make decisions and the impact that has on performance.

Why choose the risk factor?

  • Improves personal accountability for safety by helping employees understand why they interpret and respond to risk the way they do, develop skills to improve at-risk behaviors and turn those improved responses into subconscious or automatic actions.
  • Elevates awareness of at-risk behaviors and develops skills needed to reduce workplace and off-the-job incidents and enrich organizational culture.
  • Helps develop effective leadership within the organization by providing necessary skills to inspire and influence employees to minimize at-risk behaviors.

Download our brochure to learn how this new personal risk awareness solution from DuPont applies the latest research in neuroscience and decision making.

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