Process Safety Management: 11 DuPont Best Practices Workshops

Process Safety Best Practices Workshops

We asked our clients how we could help them evaluate and envision PSM improvements and develop the skills to implement world-class process safety. Their answer: customizable, on-site, expert-led workshops, designed to suit busy schedules.

World-class process safety performance is a competitive differentiator for many companies. So DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) developed an expert-led Process Safety Management (PSM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM) curriculum that adapts to your organization’s specific needs. Our complete portfolio of Process Safety Best Practices Workshops can be tailored to your location, employees and areas of interest.

Implemented properly, PSM and ORM can be an effective tool for increasing an organization’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Our PSM and ORM workshops are designed to introduce you to the full continuum of DSS Process Safety and Operational Risk Management solutions. Participants will learn about DuPont best practices, and understand how their application can help your organization prevent process-related injuries and incidents, find new ways to achieve sustainable improvements in business continuity and asset productivity, and sustain your right-to-operate status, as well as your positive reputation among stakeholders. These workshops are designed to help your organization envision and specify future improvements, while building the workforce and management skills needed to implement your PSM program with optimal results.

An Expert-Led PSM Curriculum
Our process safety and operational risk management programs and blended learning solutions are recognized around the world for their ability to enhance an entire organization’s culture, making safety an integral part of people’s lives, both on the job and off.

Our Best Practices Workshops draw on more than 200 years of DuPont’s real-world experience managing process safety in our own highly hazardous operations, as well as for clients. DSS experts have customized our PSM solutions for countless clients in many industries, as well as in more than 50 separate businesses within DuPont. Drawing on our vast operational experience, DSS has refined our disciplines, structures and methodologies in ways that can be replicated, put into practice, tested and fine-tuned for almost any situation or industry.

Customized and Exclusive Sessions

DSS process safety experts help organizations to move from awareness of best practices and improvements to benchmarking, planning and implementation. We can design our workshops to address executive management, operations managers, plant and site managers, or safety managers. We then hold exclusive, half-day workshops at your location, specifically tailored to your company’s needs in PSM leadership, operational discipline, and any of the 14 technical elements contained in our integrated ORM Model.

Part of Our Continuum of PSM Services

DSS Best Practices Workshops are an integral part of our comprehensive array of Process Safety and Operational Risk Management solutions, designed to help you at every stage of developing, implementing and continually improving your PSM program. Our many levels of consulting services also include:

  • Assessments and benchmarking
  • Corporate PSM strategy development
  • Asset PSM improvement plan development
  • Governance and organizational design
  • PSM design
  • Facilitation of PSM standards, procedures and processes
  • Organizational development
  • Expert skills augmentation
  • Delivery execution partnering (pairing DuPont resources with your staff to deliver results)
  • PSM audits
  • Operating discipline tools
  • Learning and development programs

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