Best Practices Workshop: PSM and ORM Overview

DuPont Best Practices Overview: Process Safety Course

This workshop delivers an introduction to Process Safety Management (PSM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM). It is the first of 11 Best Practices Workshops on PSM offered by DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS).

The PSM and ORM Overview Best Practices Workshop will help participants understand how world-class organizations manage their process safety and operational risk through standards, procedures, programs, audits and evaluations. This process safety course and all our Best Practices Workshops are designed to help your organization envision and specify future improvements, while building the workforce and management skills needed to implement your PSM program with optimal results.

A robust PSM system helps prevent process-related injuries and incidents. This requires a sustained effort by leadership at all levels. This Overview workshop covers the application of Process Safety Management systems and controls to a manufacturing process so that organizations can identify, understand and control hazards.

This process safety course also covers Operational Risk Management processes that allow organizations to assess operational risk and improve decision-making and implementation of controls in order to reduce risk. These processes help manage the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes and systems, human factors, or external events.

Who should attend: senior executives and operations managers, including CEOs, COOs, safety executives, plant or facility and operating unit managers, and site safety managers.

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The Best of DuPont Experience and Expertise

For over 30 years, the experts at DuPont Sustainable Solutions have been implementing Process Safety and Operational Risk Management in our own facilities, and at client sites worldwide, to help prevent process-related injuries and incidents and to manage operational risk. We have delivered PSM solutions for countless clients across many industries, as well as more than 50 separate businesses within DuPont. In the PSM/ORM Overview Best Practices Workshop, our consulting experts will help your organization apply the proven approaches to PSM and ORM that we’ve developed and refined through decades of practical, real-world experience.

Customized and Exclusive Sessions

Our experts will design your PSM/ORM Overview Best Practices Workshop to address executive management, operations managers, plant and site managers, or safety managers. We will then work with you to hold exclusive, half-day process safety courses at your location, specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

Part of Our Continuum of PSM Services

Each Best Practices Workshop and process safety course is part of our continuum of Process Safety and Operational Risk Management solutions, designed to help you at every stage of developing, implementing and continually improving your PSM program. Our many levels of consulting services also include:

  • Assessments and benchmarking
  • Corporate PSM strategy development
  • Asset PSM improvement plan development
  • Governance and organizational design
  • PSM design
  • Facilitation of PSM standards, procedures and processes
  • Organizational development
  • Expert skills augmentation
  • Delivery execution partnering

DuPont Process Safety Management Consulting



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