Employee Safety Consulting Methodology

DuPont Employee Safety Consulting Methods

Our safety experts work with your organization to customize and implement our safety management tools. We provide assessments, leadership development, change management, and continuous improvement processes, to help dramatically reduce injuries and enhance organizational excellence.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) safety consulting experts tailor the best practices we’ve developed for over 200 years in DuPont’s own high-risk processes to build on your organization’s specific strengths. Recognizing that each client is unique, we begin with an assessment of your current workplace safety culture. We then design a customized action plan that draws on our proven change management processes, as well as extensive training services. Throughout, our safety consultants work with you to apply continuous improvement methodologies that optimize results and identify areas for continued improvement.

For example, for organizations that have already attained a relatively mature safety culture, our consultants may recommend the DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA) for Safety.This program builds on our core employee safety offering to introduce psychological principles and elements that engage the intrinsic motivators that can change entrenched employee behavior. This holistic, integrated approach can deliver superior results and, most importantly, sustained safety excellence.

Our Five-Step Safety Consulting Methodology
In every engagement, DSS safety consultants use a classic approach to change management that is informed by years of practical experience within DuPont, and refined by our work with external clients across a wide range of industries and locations. This approach enables cost savings and sustainable results that are ultimately owned by your organization.

  • Assess the Current State
    We develop an understanding of each client’s current state by assessing current operations and management systems against the essential components of a world-class organization. During this phase, our safety consulting experts establish the client’s level of performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Envision the Future State
    Our safety consultants identify the elements of and present the case for change or improvement to leadership. During this phase, leadership is  engaged in creating the vision for an improved future state, so that the organization can work on common goals and objectives.
  • Plan the Transition
    We develop the project plan and timeline, based on assessment results and future state vision, to create a clear work plan.
  • Implement the Changes
    DuPont safety consulting teams work closely with the client at all levels of the organization and across four critical areas — technology, people, process, and organization — to implement a site-, business- or enterprise-wide plan that delivers optimal results.
  • Sustain and Improve
    The client and DSS safety consultants identify opportunities for continuous improvement, providing the tools and knowledge to help ensure a sustainable future state.

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