DuPont Process Safety Management Systems

DuPont Process Safety Management Program Methods

Our expert consultants take a collaborative approach, adapting proven DuPont standards to the specific challenges of your organization. We work closely with you to prevent incidents, reduce operational risk, exceed regulations, and maximize results.

For over 30 years, DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) has implemented Process Safety Management (PSM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM) standards in our own facilities, and at client sites worldwide, to prevent process-related incidents and to reduce operational risk. Based on this vast experience, we have refined our process safety management program methodologies in ways that can be replicated, put into practice, tested, and fine-tuned in almost any situation or industry.

We use a variety of proven tools to create customized and integrated PSM, operational discipline, and performance management systems. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, our experts can adapt our process safety management program standards and methods to help transform your safety culture, develop employee skills, boost quality and productivity, gain efficiencies, exceed regulations, and preserve your right to operate, all in the process of helping to reduce incidents and improve safety performance.

The 22 Elements of PSM and ORM

A DSS process safety management program is designed to reduce operational risks within three focus areas: facilities, technology and personnel. Underpinning these focus areas are 22 process elements, each of which serves as an avenue for enhanced risk management. Using these 22 elements, DSS expert consultants in PSM and ORM help move organizations through stages of assessment and awareness, to planning and implementation of customized process safety standards and operational best practices, to benchmarking and continuous improvement. At every step, we are laser-focused on results.

At the core of the DSS model is a strong management commitment, reflecting a key belief of DuPont: that people and leadership are the most essential factor in any successful PSM implementation. Our experience has proven that a strong leadership commitment facilitates implementation of a strong safety management system, and is necessary to achieve and sustain step changes in performance.

DSS Process Safety Management Program Continuum

Our PSM framework helps clients apply management systems and controls, including programs, procedures, audits and evaluations, to their manufacturing or chemical procedures. We help our clients identify, understand and control process hazards, so that process-related injuries and accidents are prevented. We customize and seamlessly integrate many levels of PSM services with each client’s established processes to help clients make step changes in their safety performance. Depending on your needs, our expert consultants can offer services along a continuum of PSM development and improvement.

Process Safety and Operational Risk Management Consulting



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