Operational Excellence Consulting

DuPont Operational Excellence Consulting

Our change management experts apply time-tested methodologies in Energy Efficiency, Asset Productivity and Integrated Operations to help organizations achieve rapid savings, with lasting financial rewards.

In an increasingly commoditized business environment, companies must boost operating efficiency and reduce fixed costs.   Our experts help you unlock hidden value through an integrated management approach that combines both organizational and technical solutions.

DuPont operational excellence consulting offers a range of customized integrated operations practices designed to simultaneously increase your organization’s shareholder and societal value. Our solutions help you optimize resources — whether human, material, energy or capital — to attain the highest possible cost productivity.

Productivity Expert Garrett Forsythe

Garrett Forsythe is in the Sustainable Operations practice at DuPont, and helps clients lower costs and increase yields while reducing the environmental footprints of their organizations.


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    Bruce George, our DuPont Sustainable Solutions expert in Environmental Management Consulting, speaks about our experience and our value proposition.

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    Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) overview brochure on maximizing business sustainability and protecting assets through Sustainable Operations.