Cereals Protection

Manage the Uncertainties of Production With Effective Cereal Crop Protection

Changing factors such as weather, markets and pests can make producing cereal crops a challenge. With effective cereal crop protection and the Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement program, DuPont helps cereal crop growers make the most from every acre.

Growers can count on DuPont for crop protection solutions and programs that help them manage uncertainties as they work to feed a hungry world.

DuPont Crop Protection partners with customers to create reliable, sustainable solutions that improve productivity and profitability. Experienced seed, crop and agronomy experts collaborate with growers to help identify the best solutions, and make the most of every input dollar and every hour on every acre.

Protect Wheat Yield From Rust Damage




  • Aproach® Boosts Soybean Yield

  • Head Moth Control Strategies

    This Texas crop consultant recommends Prevathon® insect control to help his clients protect sunflower quality and yield from head moth damage.

  • Harmony® Extra SG for Clean Fields

  • Easy Crop Loss Claim Process

    The easy crop loss claim process makes the DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® program different and simple for both retailers and growers. It helps this Oklahoma retailer work with growers to recover from crop loss faster.

  • Valuable Support After Crop Loss

    This South Dakota retailer and his customers count on valuable support after crop loss from the DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® program, helping them manage uncertainties associated with crop production.

  • Drought Crop Loss Response

    Oklahoma wheat and soybean farmer Ed Regier bounced back from drought crop loss, helped by peace of mind from the DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® program.

  • Peace of Mind from Crop Losses

    An Oklahoma retailer is using the DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® program to help customers gain peace of mind about crop losses due to weather uncertainty.

  • Take Sting Out of Hail Crop Loss

    When hail crop loss happens, the simple DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement credit program makes tough situations easier to bear for this Montana retailer and his customers.


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