Count on DuPont

Count on DuPont is a promise to be there for you — today and in the future.

Count on DuPont is a promise to be there for you — today and in the future. It's our commitment to helping you succeed for the long term. And it's your assurance that you're getting the tested and proven quality of our crop protection products, the support you can rely on, and our in-depth knowledge of local crop protection concerns.

What are sulfonylurea herbicides?

Sulfonylurea herbicides (SUs) were discovered by DuPont Crop Protection in 1975 and first commercialized for wheat and barley crops in 1982. They have been developed and commercialized worldwide in all major agronomic crops and for many specialty uses. With low use rates, they are environmentally compatible and address a number of key weed concerns. Sulfonylureas represent a major advance in global crop protection technology and have revolutionized weed control by introducing a unique mode of action. Furthermore, SUs are compatible with the global movement toward post-emergence weed control and integrated pest management.

Key benefits of SU herbicides when used in accordance with the product label

  • Provide yield and quality benefits of chemical weed control
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce residues in crops
  • Degrade in the soil by both chemical and microbial processes
  • Reduce potential for accumulation in groundwater
  • Reduce drift potential by providing efficacy when applied in a coarse spray
  • Virtually eliminate the potential for vapor drift due to low volatility
  • Reduce the volume of active ingredient application by 95 to 99 percent compared to higher-use-rate products
  • Reduced use rates to lessen impact on the environment, diminish waste and energy used, while allowing easier handling, storage, and transport
  • Set the standard for protecting crops, workers and the environment. 

Consistency = Quality

Quality may vary in products produced by different manufacturers. Quality differences may include impurity and contamination profiles, active ingredient specification, formulation, and packaging and product measurement. These product attributes may affect performance, including adverse crop effects, as well as impact the registration of the product. Regulatory agencies throughout the world are responsible for ensuring that the products applied to food, feed, and fiber crops meet the required standards. DuPont fully supports regulatory efforts to sample commercially available products and monitor quality against registration requirements.

Products to meet many needs in many places

Our family of sulfonylurea herbicides has been adapted to the broadest possible agricultural conditions and systems throughout the world. DuPont Crop Protection is committed to providing products with the quality and brand identity to help ensure both environmental safety and customer satisfaction.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.