Protecting Against Weather’s Worst - Crop Protection Plus®

DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement program helps growers manage weather and other uncertainties in cereal crop production.

It’s never easy to predict the weather, especially weeks and months in advance. All it takes is a spring that is cooler than usual or an unexpectedly long period of extreme heat to spell trouble for growers.

The one thing growers have almost come to expect are the summer storms that seem to develop out of nowhere. When that happens, the results can be devastating.

Just ask Tom Thompson. A few years ago, one week before he expected to begin wheat harvest, three hailstorms thundered through Byers, Colo., pummeling Thompson’s nearby farm with golf-ball-sized hail. More than 4,000 of Thompson’s 15,000 wheat acres were destroyed.

“When I got out to my wheat fields, the worst parts looked like someone had taken a mower to them and knocked them down,” he recalled. “My wheat was shattered.”

Weather problems also deliver regular crop production challenges at the Scarborough farm in South Dakota. “It seems like we’ve had crop losses almost every year,” said Marc Scarborough, who farms near Hayes, S.D., with his wife, Pam. In one of their worst seasons, the couple watched a hailstorm roll over fields west of Pierre, flattening more than 400 acres of their wheat with quarter-sized hail.

“When the crop insurance adjuster arrived, he said he wouldn’t even need to go out into the fields,” Scarborough said. “They looked like a carpeted floor. The wheat was pulverized — there was nothing left.”

Recovering From Disaster

Fortunately, Thompson and the Scarboroughs made a decision months before the storm that helped them recoup some of their input costs.

As Thompson was selecting wheat herbicides, he and his retailer, Stuart Heermans with Flagler Aerial Spraying, talked about the DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement program. The program provides product cost replacement when certain conditions, such as hail, make a crop uneconomical to harvest. It is available to all growers who purchase and apply qualifying DuPont products as directed on the label.

Thompson and Heermans decided to use DuPont™ Ally® Extra SG herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules in their weed control program to manage mustard, thistle and wild buckwheat in Thompson’s fields. They didn’t know it at the time, but that choice was worth thousands of dollars when hail battered the fields a few months later.

“It almost breaks my heart to see a disaster like this happen to a grower,” Heermans said. “The Crop Protection Plus® program is a nice way for DuPont to help share some of the uncertainty.”

The Scarboroughs also selected Ally® Extra SG herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules to help control their weed challenges — kochia, buckwheat and Canadian thistle — and benefited from the  Crop Protection Plus® program.

“Farming is a high-risk business, but this program helped us in a hard time,” says Scarborough. “With the increased cost of inputs, at least we got the value of one of those inputs back when our crop didn’t make it; and we reinvested that product cost replacement in our next crop.”

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