Fall Application Boosts Weed Control in Midwest

Planting time is getting earlier and busier each year. Additionally, changes in weed spectrums and agronomic practices have made weed control in winter wheat more important than ever.That’s why many growers are taking advantage of the down time in the fall to make an early application of DuPont™ Harmony® Extra SG with TotalSol® soluble granules. Harmony® Extra SG controls wild garlic, henbit, buttercup, mayweed and other tough broadleaf weeds.

Fall Application Offers a Number of Benefits                                                              

  • Growers protect the yield potential of their wheat by providing reliable burndown of common chickweed, henbit, pennycress, shepherds purse and more than 60 other broadleaf weed species.                                                                                           
  • Control of  weeds before they can go to seed, so growers end the season with cleaner fields, higher-quality straw and fewer weeds to fight in the future.               


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