DuPont Sulfonylurea Herbicides

The DuPont family of sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides is the foundation of weed-control programs around the world. DuPont is committed to providing products with excellent quality, aimed at customer satisfaction.

SUs are a family of herbicides discovered by DuPont in 1975. SUs now provide weed control in all major crops, and are used in many non-crop applications, including vegetation management, forestry, wildlife rehabilitation and roadside management.

Proven Quality

DuPont products have a track record of performance and success in the field and on the bottom line.

  • Reliable brands. No one knows SUs better than the company that discovered them.
  • Top performance. Stringent manufacturing practices produce product purity for excellent, dependable weed control and crop safety.
  • Clear, consistent product labels. Active ingredient specification, formulation, packaging, and product measurement are carefully monitored.

Continuous Innovation

DuPont continues to add new products and formulations for improved weed control and crop safety across a wide range of environmental conditions. Customers who choose DuPont products benefit from:

  • Deep roots, with more than 200 years of DuPont innovation
  • A broad view that includes a global perspective and keen focus on advancing agriculture
  • A strong pipeline from dedicated investment in research and development that ensures a steady stream of new products

Enduring Relationships

The DuPont promise goes beyond trusted, proven products — its team of experts support and advise customers on how to get the most from their crop production enterprises. The DuPont team provides:

  • Expertise – in-depth knowledge of local crop production conditions to help find the most effective solutions
  • Support – long-term commitment to customer prosperity and sustainability
  • Peace of mind – reassurance that comes from working with a company that stands behind its products

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.