Topdressing Finesse® Cereal & Fallow Herbicide Saves Time, Money

A good herbicide needs to keep wheat fields clean all season long. But if the herbicide performance plays out too early, growers are stuck with difficult harvest, lower yields and dockage.

DuPont™ Finesse® Cereal and Fallow herbicide, applied with a topdress fertilizer treatment, helps wheat get off to a lush, healthy start, and then keeps working through harvest to deliver a clean crop for faster and easier harvesting. It can be tank mixed with a liquid fertilizer to save an application trip. Growers who split their topdress fertilizer application can include Finesse® Cereal and Fallow in the first application for best results.

Because Finesse® can be applied in the fall, winter or spring, growers can choose the timing of their fertilizer application and decide when to treat weed problems. A fall treatment will control winter weeds such as many mustards and henbit, and still provide control of wild buckwheat and other summer weeds, saving the time and cost of having to treat again in the spring.

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