PrecisionPac™ Custom Blending Services

PrecisionPac™ Custom Blending Services Meet Precise Needs

DuPont™ PrecisionPac™ custom blending services, made possible by an innovative dispensing system, allow selected retailers to offer precise herbicide blends that match a grower’s unique weed challenges, field size or sprayer tank volume.

PrecisionPac™ custom blending services save time, money and hassle by providing precise weed control with tailored herbicide blends that are easy to use.

Make application season more efficient by eliminating the need to measure and mix multiple herbicides in the field or on the farm with PrecisionPac™ custom blending services.

  • Buy only what you need. Buy exactly the custom blend you need for a field or sprayer tank in single-use premeasured pouch.
  • Control more weeds. PrecisionPac™ custom blending services combine up to six herbicides in the right ratio to manage specific grass and broadleaf weeds.
  • Stay flexible. PrecisionPac services make it easy to respond quickly to changing weed populations, field to field and season to season.
  • Manage weed resistance. Control resistant weeds with multiple modes of action and broad-spectrum, residual control.
  • Make better choices. Take advantage of proven industry-standard herbicides from DuPont, with more products being added for even more options to control annual grasses and yield-robbing broadleaf weeds.

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