Voices of Experience: Peace of Mind from Crop Losses

The DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement credit program is helping Wayne Foster offer his customers peace of mind about potential crop losses and overcome uncertainty in the face of unpredictable weather.

Foster, agronomy manager at Two Rivers Co-op in Newkirk Oklahoma, serves a variety of growers producing wheat, milo, corn and soybeans in central Oklahoma. He says weather unpredictability is a primary challenges his customers face, citing drought, freeze, fire, flood and hail as top threats that can create crop losses by preventing crops from reaching harvest.

Peace of Mind

“The Crop Protection Plus® program helps ease concerns over weather uncertainty,” says Foster. “Growers who have benefited from the program know that if they protect their crops with qualifying DuPont products, they’ll get product cost replacement credit if weather conditions or fire result in crop losses.”

Last year, Foster helped wheat growers in his area recoup herbicide costs on more than 2,000 acres affected by hail.

“About a month before harvest we had a spring rainstorm with severe hail damage. Growers within its path harvested less than 5 bushels per acre. Crop loss like that can be devastating, but DuPont promptly provided a credit for the grower’s herbicide costs, so they were in a better position to start again the following season.”

Confidence to Plan Ahead

Knowing qualifying crop protection investments are protected from weather-related events helps growers proactively manage their businesses with less worry about crop losses.

“In dry years,” Foster explains, “wheat growers can take advantage of fall herbicide applications, knowing that if drought conditions continue and they aren’t able to plant a crop, they’ll recoup their herbicide costs” with Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement credit.

Full Farm Program Extends Benefits

Foster adds that the Crop Protection Plus® Full Farm program is extending the benefits to more crops for growers in Oklahoma, Kansas and the Texas Panhandle.

“Drought conditions mean many of my customers are dealing with uncertainty about making spring burndown applications. With the Crop Protection Plus® Full Farm program, soybean growers can go ahead and make those applications, knowing that if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, DuPont has their back.”

Shared Success

Foster says the Crop Protection Plus® program supports his mission to provide the best possible support for his customers.

“We view the acres in our sales territory as a partnership with our growers. We count on crops to come in and growers to support us with their business. Growers count on us to support them with reliable products and services. The Crop Protection Plus® program is a valuable tool that lets us do that.

“Now with the Crop Protection Plus® Full Farm program, we can extend the benefits to more crops” Foster adds. “That’s something no one else is offering and it’s really helping us help more of our customers succeed.”

Restrictions apply. See the terms and conditions of Crop Protection Plus® program for details.

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