Voices of Experience: Drought Crop Loss Response

Ed Regier, an Enid, Oklahoma, producer, recovered his herbicide investment after drought crop loss in his soybean fields in 2012, thanks to the DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® Full Farm product cost replacement credit program.

Confidence to Swing for the Fences on Yield

Ed Regier double-crops soybeans after wheat. In a good year, planting soybeans after wheat harvest is a strategy that pays off with added farm income. But 2012 didn’t follow that plan, delivering near total soybean drought crop loss with yields of just one or two bushels per acre. The Crop Protection Plus® Full Farm program made all the difference.

“When we get a good year, like we did in 2010, it really pays to have the weed control and fertilizer inputs in place to help make the most yield possible from favorable weather,” says Regier. “To be successful, we have to be optimistic and swing for the fences on yield every year while doing what we can to minimize risk.

With peace of mind offered by the Crop Protection Plus® Full Farm program. “I can invest in better soybean weed control with a product like DuPont Envive® herbicide to go for higher yields. I know I won’t lose that investment due to weather.”

Added Bonus from Products that Perform

“This program is an added bonus from DuPont that other companies don’t offer. The products perform well and the company stands with me when the weather doesn’t cooperate. I think more growers would choose DuPont crop protection products if they knew about the Crop Protection Plus® program.

“The Crop Protection Plus® program also has me covered when I use DuPont Finesse® grass & broadleaf herbicide on wheat. I’ve never had to use the Crop Protection Plus® program for wheat, but I have extra confidence knowing it’s there.”

Restrictions apply. See terms and conditions of Crop Protection Plus® program for details.

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