Voices of Experience: Take Sting from Hail Crop Loss

Hail crop loss is a primary threat for cereal growers in Ted Welchlin’s northeast Montana territory, where he works as an agronomist for Pro Cooperative, based at Peerless.  The DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement credit program helps them manage weather uncertainties.

Peace of Mind

Welchlin says the Crop Protection Plus® program gives growers confidence to plan for the best, even with the risk of crop loss due to hail and other weather events.

“Growers know that if they suffer a failure, they will recoup some of their input costs through the Crop Protection Plus® program.  The program helps them manage weather uncertainties; they know they’re not taking on all the risk themselves.”

He adds that the program gives growers peace of mind as they enter the growing season.  “Of course, they don’t want to have a hailstorm affect their crops, but if it happens, they know the program will take some of the sting out of it.”

Ted Welchlin, Agronomist for Pro Cooperative, based at Peerless in Montana

Timely Relief

The Crop Protection Plus® program lets retailers provide prompt relief when hail crop loss or other crop disasters occur.  Welchlin testifies to the simplicity of the claims process.

“I was surprised by how easy the program is to use.  It’s a simple process to submit a claim, and you receive product cost replacement credit for the grower just a few weeks later.  Usually customers are still dealing with the blow when you show up to deliver the checks.”

Successful Partnerships

It takes solid product performance and dedicated customer service to help growers succeed.  Products backed by the Crop Protection Plus® program provide both.

“DuPont products and the Crop Protection Plus® program help me develop good relationships with my customers.  The products do an excellent job protecting crops throughout the growing season, and in the event of a weather-related disaster like hail crop loss, the Crop Protection Plus® program is there to help.”

Restrictions apply. See terms and conditions of the Crop Protection Plus® program for details.