Voices of Experience: Valuable Support After Crop Loss

George Langendorfer, agronomy manager with Dakota Mill & Grain in Wall, South Dakota, counts on the DuPont Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement credit program to provide his customers with valuable support after crop loss.

Support For Tough Times

From destructive hailstorms to devastating droughts, Langendorfer relies on the Crop Protection Plus® program to help his customers successfully rebound from crop disasters with easy-to-use support after crop loss.

“The Crop Protection Plus® program lets me offer my customers a superior level of service. They know I’m watching out for them and will help them recoup some of their input costs when weather conditions don’t cooperate. The program shows that we’re willing to go above and beyond what’s required to help them succeed.” 

Customer Loyalty

Langendorfer says the program helps him provide the superior level of support after crop loss his retail company is known for.

“We have a very loyal customer base. They trust us to help them manage risks and achieve goals. The Crop Protection Plus® program is one more tool that helps us provide this good service.”

Peace of Mind

Knowing herbicide costs are protected in the event of crop loss due to uncontrollable weather events like hail, freeze and flooding gives Langendorfer’s customers confidence to make the best choices for their fields.

“The Crop Protection Plus® program gives my customers and me peace of mind. Weather can really play havoc with crop production, so having this extra protection gives us confidence for the season ahead.”

Restrictions apply. See terms and conditions of the Crop Protection Plus® program for details.

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