Keep Wheat Fields Clean With Harmony® Extra SG Herbicide


“We tilled a wheat field last fall with the intention of doing a canola test plot. When we ran out of time to complete the test plot, we decided to leave the plot bare until July, then plant soybeans.”

See for Yourself

“This side-by-side photo was taken April 14. You can see the high level of control we achieved with DuPont™ Harmony® Extra SG herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules in the wheat field compared to the thick cover of purple henbit in the untreated area. This really shows the intense weed pressure we are up against in some fields.”

Improved Yields

“We averaged 91 bushels per acre in the treated wheat field, compared to average area wheat yields of around 50 bushels per acre. We’re quite happy with the results.”

Great for Broadleaf Weeds

“If you primarily deal with broadleaf weeds, Harmony® Extra SG is a great product. I use it to control tough weeds, including henbit and chickweed. For no-till wheat, our standard application is Harmony® Extra SG and glyphosate in the fall.”

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