Affinity® TankMix Herbicide

Postemergence Control of Key Weeds in Wheat, Barley, Oat, Triticale, and Fallow

DuPont™ Affinity® TankMix herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules added to your favorite wild oat or kochia program manages Russian thistle, lambsquarters, mayweed, chamomile (dogfennel), wild buckwheat and other tough weeds that your program misses.

When tank mixed with other suitable registered herbicides, Affinity® TankMix adds reliable, postemergence control of tough broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley and triticale, postharvest burndown, preplant burndown and fallow.

Affinity® TankMix is formulated with DuPont™ TotalSol® soluble granules, a patented formulation that dissolves for more consistent weed control and improved tank cleanout. In addition to enhancing control of broadleaf weeds, Affinity® TankMix offers rotation to almost any crop after harvest, giving you the flexibility you need.

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