Affinity® BroadSpec Herbicide

Selective Postemergence Weed Control for Cereal Crops

DuPont™ Affinity® BroadSpec herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules provides fast, selective postemergence weed control in wheat and other cereals crops to manage key broadleaf weeds, including Canada thistle and wild buckwheat.

Affinity® BroadSpec delivers selective postemergence broadleaf weed control in many cereal crops -- wheat (including durum), barley, oats, triticale -- and fallow. It is formulated with DuPont™ TotalSol® soluble granules, a patented formulation that dissolves easily for more consistent weed control and improved tank cleanout.

Affinity® BroadSpec postemergence cereals herbicide can be applied as a burndown treatment in wheat or barley to control emerged weeds prior to or shortly after planting (prior to emergence). For best results, make applications when the majority of weeds have emerged and are actively growing.

When used as a burndown treatment prior to planting other crops, rotate to rice or triticale immediately after application; to soybeans after 7 days; to cotton, field corn or grain sorghum after 14 days; to winter rape, sugar beets or canola after 60 days; or to any other crop after 45 days.



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