Finesse® Cereal & Fallow Herbicide

Finesse® Cereal & Fallow Herbicide Gives Growers an Early Start With Pre-emergent and Residual Control

DuPont™ Finesse® Cereal & Fallow herbicide delivers excellent winter annual grass suppression in wheat and barley, including Hoelon* 3EC-tolerant ryegrass, and broadleaf weed control in one treatment for cleaner, higher-quality grain.

Applied early in the spring, Finesse® Cereal & Fallow herbicide manages broadleaf weeds like Russian thistle, blue mustard, flixweed, tansymustard and wild buckwheat and suppresses pigeongrass all season long with one cost-effective application. A single preemergence application to winter wheat also suppresses yield-robbing grasses, including annual bluegrass, cheat, downy brome and ryegrass, and provides excellent control of many winter annual broadleaf weeds.


*Hoelon is a registered trademark of Bayer.

Soybean Herbicide Trait Announced

BOLT™ soybean herbicide trait technology from DuPont provides cleaner fields and more options for growers.




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