Finesse® Grass & Broadleaf Herbicide

With Finesse® Grass & Broadleaf Herbicide There’s No More Guesswork

DuPont™ Finesse® Grass & Broadleaf herbicide provides season-long control of cheatgrass, wild oat, annual ryegrass as well as many tough broadleaf weeds, such as tansymustard, in a single, early-season application in winter wheat.

By combining two different molecules, it eliminates the need to identify all the grass complexes at work by managing cheat, downy brome, wild oat and rye grass as well as key broadleaf weeds in one convenient formulation. Finesse® Grass and Broadleaf herbicide can be applied whenever daytime temperatures reach 40F and, for added convenience, can be applied with up to 100% fertilizer solution, saving an additional trip across fields. It also offers a 60-day preharvest interval with no grazing restrictions.


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