Harmony® Extra SG Herbicide

Reliable, Consistent Control of Quality-Robbing Wild Garlic, Henbit and More

DuPont™ Harmony® Extra SG is formulated with DuPont™ TotalSol® soluble granule technology, a patented formulation that dissolves completely getting more product on the weeds for better control and leaving less in the tank for easier cleanout.

Harmony® Extra SG allows growers to customize their control. When tank-mixed with other suitable registered herbicides, Harmony® Extra SG adds reliable postemergence control of key broadleaf weeds, including buttercup, mayweed and wild mustard, in wheat, barley and triticale, postharvest burndown, preplant burndown and fallow. Plus, with shorter plant-back intervals for fields to be rotated to cotton, field corn, grain, sorghum, rice or soybeans, Harmony® Extra SG offers benefits in added flexibility.

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