Panoflex™ Herbicide

Panoflex™ Herbicide Plus Glyphosate Improves Burndown Weed Control

In a tank mix with glyphosate products such as Abundit® Extra, Panoflex™ herbicide delivers broad-spectrum burndown to reduce early weed pressure and prepare seedbeds before planting wheat, barley or soybeans.

Better burndown with Panoflex™ prepares clean fields for planting wheat, barley, and soybeans.

Flexibility to Manage Your Fields

Variable and cool spring planting conditions can make timely preplant burndown weed control difficult with glyphosate alone. Panoflex™ strengthens glyphosate burndown, allowing earlier application any time ground is not frozen. The result is more application flexibility, cleaner fields before planting and potentially a wider window for planting.

Panoflex™ offers flexible plant-back options for many Northern Plains crops, including wheat, corn and soybeans.
See the label for details.

Control Tough Weeds

Panoflex™ complements glyphosate and other tank-mix partners with additional preplant short-residual control of tough winter annual weeds, dandelions, and volunteer glyphosate-resistant canola.

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