Travallas™ Herbicide

Realize Powerful Broadleaf Weed Control for Wheat and Other Cereal Crops

DuPont™ Travallas™ herbicide delivers powerful action for tough-to-control broadleaf weeds in cereal crops. Address field-by-field weed populations with the user-friendly, flexible widely compatible liquid formulation.

Travallas™, a unique liquid in-crop herbicide for spring wheat, winter wheat, durum wheat and barley, provides tank-mix compatibility for reliable control of problem broadleaf weeds, including ALS-resistant kochia.

Superior cereal protection

  • Protects cereal crops to maximize yield potential
  • Powerful control of key broadleaf weeds: kochia (including ALS-resistant), catchweed bedstraw, Russian thistle and Canada thistle (see product label for complete list of weeds controlled or suppressed).
  • Good control of large weeds and suppression of wild buckwheat

Easy-mixing tank-mix partner

  • Unique liquid chemistry combination
  • Flexible tank-mixing partner; compatible with many common broadleaf and grass herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers and adjuvants

Flexible application

  • Apply early or late in the season and still achieve powerful control
  • Excellent crop safety over a wide application window (second leaf to flag leaf)

Resistance management tool

  • Multiple modes of action (Groups 2 and 4)



DuPont Travallas herbicide is not registered in all states. See your DuPont retailer or representative for availability in your state.


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