Chesapeake Farms®

Welcome to Chesapeake Farms®

Chesapeake Farms® is a 3,300-acre agricultural and wildlife management research, demonstration and education area located on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay near Chestertown, MD.

The mission of Chesapeake Farms® is to: foster the growth of DuPont by providing opportunities and facilities for demonstration, promotion and research of the products of all segments of the business; serve as the flagship of environmental stewardship for Crop Protection by investigating, demonstrating, and promoting sustainable practices in agriculture and wildlife management; and supporting DuPont by providing high-quality private facilities for meetings, customer entertainment and relationship building. 

Chesapeake Farms® was purchased by DuPont from the estate of noted aviation pioneer and conservationist, Glenn L. Martin, in 1956.  Known as Remington Farms for 37 years, the Farms promoted wildlife management, natural resources stewardship and shooting sports for the DuPont subsidiary, Remington Arms, Co. The Farms has been operated by DuPont Crop Protection since 1993, when DuPont sold Remington.  In 1996, the name was changed to Chesapeake Farms®.  The following year a conservation easement on the property was donated to the Conservation Fund and American Farmland Trust.  This easement protects the property from development in perpetuity and is one of the largest in Maryland.  In 2003, Chesapeake Farms® received a Special Recognition Service Award from The Wildlife Society, the professional society of wildlife biologists, for long-term contributions in wildlife management and sustainable agriculture.