Steadfast® Q Herbicide Targets Italian Ryegrass

Increased no-till and reduced-till production has led to numerous benefits for corn growers, but it also has contributed a shift in the weed spectrum. For example, Italian ryegrass has become a significant problem in many fields.

The best control practices for this weed include multiple herbicide applications, starting with early-season burndown programs and continuing with in-crop products, such as DuPont™ Steadfast® Q herbicide, to prevent Italian ryegrass from becoming competitive with corn.

Steadfast® Q provides a number of benefits in this type of management program:

  • Better, more consistent contact plus residual control of Italian ryegrass and johnsongrass, as well as grass and broadleaf weeds such as Texas panicum, broadleaf signalgrass, pigweed and morningglory
  • The flexibility to be used on conventional as well as herbicide-tolerant corn hybrids
  • An additional mode of action to help minimize the occurrence of certain herbicide-tolerant weeds
  • Built-in safener technology, represented by the “Q,” provides corn growers with the flexibility to confidently apply Steadfast® Q under more diverse weather conditions, across more hybrids and with a wider range of adjuvants

Make an early, post application of Steadfast® Q plus Abundit® Edge herbicide and atrazine when weeds and grasses are about 2 inches tall. It may be used in combination with a non-ionic surfactant, crop oil concentrate or methylated seed oil.

Rely on Steadfast® Q, and enjoy the benefits of reduced tillage without the yield-robbing competition of Italian ryegrass.

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