Reliable Corn Disease Control Strategies: Aproach® Fungicide

Aproach™ fungicide provides effective corn disease control.

A New Fungicide That Gives Growers Results Where They Can See a Difference

DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that will deliver more reliable results. It’s an advantage you will want to see on your farm – potential you can actually see from a healthier-looking corn crop to higher yield potential at the end of the year.

Supporting enhanced corn disease control and high-quality yield, Aproach® fungicide from DuPont delivers results growers will see.
Aproach® demonstration of improved plant growth and health.
Treated: DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide applied July 17 2012 at 6fl oz/A, R2 crop stage, Champaign, Illinois. Photos taken 08/16/2012.

Key Benefits of Aproach®

  • More complete coverage because it is rapidly absorbed and moves quickly into and within each plant. This can help compensate for less-than-ideal timing, since weather and other crop demands can make it difficult to plan fungicide applications perfectly.
  • Unique ability to redistribute within the crop canopy, increasing protection deeper into the crop canopy, closer to the soil surface where key diseases originate.
  • Studies have demonstrated that DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide will provide more reliable plant health and disease control for improved yields you will see with your yield monitor.

All products were applied at 6 fluid ounces product per acre at 5 gallons per acre using a moving boom lab sprayer. Applied at 2-3 leaf stage, at least two fully expanded leaves and the third leaf emerging to fully emerged from the whorl.

In greenhouse trials, Aproach® has shown to improve total leaf area versus the untreated check, Quadris and Headline. Increased total leaf area increases the chlorophyll content of the plants allowing plants the best opportunity to achieve maximum yield potential.

DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide is another example of how DuPont Crop Protection works with growers to understand their crop needs to get the most out of every acre from seed to harvest.

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