Fungicide Value: Selection and Timing

Growers should gauge fungicide value for their own fields.

Maximizing yield is the best offense for low commodity prices. After choosing the right soybean variety or corn hybrid for every field, the next action item should be choosing a crop protection program to match, including a top-performing fungicide.

By adding a foliar health program to your crop protection plan, you add extra horsepower for increased yields by protecting your crops’ elite genetics against pests and disease. The combination of proven insect control with a powerful fungicide provides preventive and curative properties to protect plants from pests that interfere with a crop’s ability to thrive. This protects the health of the plant throughout the season.

Choosing the Right Fungicide

Fungicides are not the same. Be aware of performance differences between the available active ingredients. Look for these product characteristics to maximize return on fungicide investment:

  • Broad-spectrum control of key fungal diseases
  • Curative, preventive, eradicant and antisporulant activity
  • Proven action against fungicide-resistant strains of frogeye leaf spot
  • Movement within the plant to protect existing leaves, stems, emerging leaves and pods
  • Residual protection that lasts 21 days
  • Enhanced foliar health and photosynthesis under a range of conditions
  • Excellent crop safety that won’t set back soybean plant growth or reduce photosynthesis
Aproach® demonstration of improved plant growth and health.
Plant health effects on corn - all products at 6 oz/A At 5 gpa.

Comprehensive Foliar Health Protection

A foliar health program from DuPont offers:

  • Control of both foliar and soil-borne fungal diseases for healthier-looking crops and higher yield potential
  • Consistent insect protection to control tough pests
  • Excellent protection from production-limiting plant diseases
  • Enhanced health benefits for the plant including increased leaf area and higher chlorophyll index to keep leaves greener longer

DuPont Crop Protection offers a portfolio of fungicides and insect control products to fit your operation’s needs.

  • Use DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide for effective control of foliar and soil-borne diseases in corn and soybeans, including soybean white mold
  • DuPont™ Aproach® Prima fungicide combines two premier fungicides for enhanced disease protection against hard-to-control diseases, including strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot

Get Started Today

Talk to your local DuPont representative to discuss adding a foliar health program to your crop management plan as well as your TruChoice® Advantage program for:

  • Financial rewards and rebates that increase with participation
  • A local DuPont team of experts
  • Tailored product combinations to fit every field

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.