Resolve® Q Enhances Corn Weed Control

The days of relying on a single shot of glyphosate for weed control in corn are long gone. Today, a tank mix that includes DuPont™ Resolve® Q herbicide is a smart way to get better control where glyphosate tolerance has been documented and to help prevent the problem in areas where it has not yet appeared.

Resolve® Q, in a tank mix with atrazine-containing corn herbicides, delivers:

  • Additional contact plus residual control of tough grasses and broadleaf weeds, including triazine-resistant lambsquarters, before or after planting
  • Built-in safener technology that provides corn growers the flexibility to confidently apply Resolve® Q even after corn emergence
  • Faster, more-consistent burndown than glyphosate alone, plus residual activity to get a corn herbicide program off to a strong start
  • An additional mode of action to help minimize the occurrence of certain herbicide-tolerant weeds

For best results: 

  • Apply Resolve® Q preplant incorporated, preemergence or preemergence burndown to field corn, tank mixed with full or reduced rates of other products  registered for use in corn
  • The addition of crop oil concentrate or methylated seed oil is recommended for burndown of labeled weeds
  • Adequate soil moisture is required for optimum activity; rainfall within five to seven days after application will enhance residual activity
  • Do not apply as a fallow or preemergence treatment to coarse textured soils (sand, loamy sand or sandy loam) with less than 1 percent organic matter

Make your herbicide program work harder by including the cost-effective residual control of Resolve® Q.


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