DuPont Integrated Seed Science Network Offers Support, Training

DuPont Integrated Seed Science Network center in Johnston, Iowa.

The DuPont Integrated Seed Science Network assists the seed industry in developing and testing seed treatment formulations, applications and seed handling techniques.

Centers in Wilmington, Delaware, and Johnston, Iowa, feature experts and equipment that help DuPont deliver the right seed treatment formulations to help growers succeed.

The seed science network and DuPont expertise help seed company partners develop the best integrated seed treatment solutions and provide training for production and sales teams. Resources include:

  • Laboratories to evaluate combinations of seed-applied products
  • Equipment to evaluate and understand how product components and treatment processes interact to ensure they meet quality standards and product stewardship needs
  • Plantability evaluations to check seed flow and metering accuracy through planting equipment
  • A training lab to educate and share best practices on seed application and seed handling techniques to ensure a consistent grower experience with treated seed

The network supports DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise and its DuPont Lumigen seed sense products, including DuPont Lumivia insecticide seed treatment for corn.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.