Planning Beyond Seed Selection: TruChoice® Advance Planning

TruChoice® Advance gives growers a team of crop production advisors

Jeff Zizelman was amazed.

The west-central Ohio grower had just discovered that setting aside a crop protection budget when he made his seed selection was going to substantially reduce his seed cost. And he gained access to a team of agronomy experts and a crop protection plan customized to his farm.

By determining how much he would spend on DuPont Crop Protection products when he purchased Pioneer® brand seed through the DuPont TruChoice® Advance program, Zizelman received an up-front cash discount that he could apply immediately to reduce his corn and soybean seed costs.

“It’s really attractive to have that money right away to put toward other costs of my operation,” he says.

And making an early buying commitment through the TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier program means Zizelman multiplies his input budget — for every dollar he commits, he gets even more to spend with his retailer.

Custom Fit

With the high cost of production, growers need to protect every bushel. Some creative buying doesn’t hurt, either.

Jeff Mason, DuPont Pioneer

“The TruChoice® Advance program reduces a farmer’s cost of production with up-front savings,” says Jeff Mason, a DuPont Pioneer seed sales agent. “For each grower, I develop a proposal and show them the real dollars they can save when they buy seed. That gets their attention.”

And that’s just the beginning. A team of DuPont crop production specialists are available through planning and all season long — specialists like Technical Sales Agronomist Jeremy Crouch of Wauseon, Ohio.

“We bring real-world experience to our customers,” says Crouch. “I am a farmer, too, so I can talk their language and really hear what they’re saying. That’s helpful in developing the right plan for every acre.”

Putting Dollars to Work

TruChoice® isn’t just a money saver, adds Mason. “It’s the progressive farmer’s answer to a customized approach for every acre. The program has built-in flexibility to let growers make crop protection decisions when they have the information needed to make product choices.”

“When the grower locks in a crop protection budget with DuPont, he doesn’t have to sweat the details when seed selection is topmost in his mind,” says Crouch. “When he’s ready, we can sit down and create a farm crop protection plan, field by field, acre by acre, determining solutions based on soil type, farming practices and production goals.”

Team Support

Zizelman admits the 2015 growing season tested his mettle. After a perfect spring start, clouds rolled in and dumped nearly 40 inches of rain in a few short weeks, taking a permanent toll on his crop. As harvest approached, Zizelman faced disappointing results in some fields: stunted corn and empty spots in the canopy that allowed a marestail infestation.

“That’s where the DuPont team came into play last fall,” says Zizelman. “I said, ‘I want to no-till beans in 2016, but I am looking at marestail almost 20 inches tall. What do I do?’ The DuPont Crop Protection folks came out and gave me options, including what to put on in a fall herbicide application, what rates to use and how that would clean up the field.”

Thanks to that timely advice, Zizelman was able to plant the way he wanted to this spring and in mid-2016, the crop was looking good. “That’s the beauty of the DuPont Crop Protection product portfolio,” says Crouch. We have the flexibility and knowledge to customize a program for each grower.”

Ask your DuPont Pioneer seed agent how you can make the most of your crop input investment with the TruChoice® program.

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