TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier

TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier

TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier lets you multiply your crop protection spending dollars upfront. Every dollar you put in gives you more money to spend. And all DuPont Crop Protection products qualify for participation.

Multiply Your Money Upfront

  • TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier gives you more money to spend when you make crop protection purchases with your DuPont retailer.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Commit to cash or TruChoice® Financing.
  • Spend TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier dollars throughout the growing season.


  • Collaborate with a trusted team of professionals with local expertise.
  • Every purchase is backed by DuPont.

Get details about the TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier program (PDF) for 2018, including terms and conditions, and discover how you can reduce seed costs through the TruChoice® Advance Planning program.”

Find the TruChoice® program for your region and learn how to collect rewards for partnering with DuPont.

For assistance, call the TruChoice® Support Team toll-free: 1 800-922-2368.

Looking for information tailored to your crop protection needs? Visit the Seed to Harvest Resource Center.


TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier program expires March 30, 2018.

Cash can be applied to a registered TruChoice® prepay account to avoid loan approval.

Must have approved Deferred Payment Loan with adequate credit limit. TruChoice® Financing for 2018 DuPont Crop Protection opens Oct. 1, 2017.

For TruChoice® Financing rates for your area, contact your local DuPont representative. Subject to credit approval and program requirements.

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