Effectiveness of a Two-pass Program to Control Weeds

A two-pass herbicide program as an effective strategy to enhance corn yield.

Weed-control strategies: Who needs a two-pass system?

The one-two punch of a two-pass herbicide program is an effective way to control a broad spectrum of weeds in corn. Recent analysis of 61 University of Missouri weed-control trials over the past 11 years shows a two-pass program resulted in the highest corn yield 67 percent of the time, compared to a single-pass preemergence or postemergence program.

An effective preplant or preemergence herbicide application:
•    Controls early germinating weeds, which speeds soil warm-up and drying
•    Minimizes early weed competition, which can start to impact yields two weeks after corn emerges
•    Provides residual control and creates a wider window for postemergence applications

A well-timed postemergence application controls summer annuals and other late-germinating weeds while they’re small and before they can reduce yield.

To control winter annuals that can provide a green bridge for diseases and insects, an early spring burndown application may be needed for a clean, dry seedbed. Ahead of corn, DuPont™ Instigate® herbicide controls tough winter annuals and provides residual control of early grass and broadleaf weeds.

A two-pass plan for corn includes a preplant or preemergence application of a DuPont™ Breakfree® NXT or Cinch® brand herbicide for control of many tough annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds, followed by a postemergence application of DuPont™ Realm® Q or Resolve® Q herbicide, which includes a built-in crop safener and multiple modes of action to control challenging broadleaf weeds and grasses, including waterhemp, ragweeds, lambsquarters and other glyphosate-tolerant and resistant weeds.

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