Voices of Experience: Worm Control in Corn

After flooding forced Missouri growers to replant crops, crop consultant Bill Emerine turned to DuPont™ Prevathon® to help battle heavy worm pressure and achieved excellent worm control in corn.

Worm Control in Late-Planted Corn

“Last year, we used Prevathon® on our non-GMO crops for corn borer and fall armyworm control. It was also very beneficial on our late-planted Bt corn.”

Residual Control

“With late-planted corn, we’re often looking at multiple worm-control applications, which gets very expensive for the farmer. With Prevathon®, we were able to get 21 days of residual control. That’s unbelievable, and I’m talking excellent control, especially compared to the damage that some people had on fields next to us. Some lost from 6 to 18 bushels, maybe even more.

“Pyrethroids still have a place in the management scheme, but after what we saw last year on late-planted corn, Prevathon® is something we’re excited about having this year.”


“We saw as high as a 36-bushel-yield increase just from corn borer control. That’s why I think farmers are so excited about Prevathon®.”


“Some of our growers raise non-GMO crops for food-grade corn, and the quality was unbelievable. When you get a lot of earworm damage, you really can get some serious problems. Farmers were amazed at how well Prevathon® did for them.”


“The initial cost is more than a regular pyrethroid, but the yield, the control, and not having to go back with multiple applications with an aircraft, pays for Prevathon®.”

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