Panoflex™ Herbicide Boosts Burndown Weed Control with Glyphosate

New herbicide strengthens burndown weed control paired with glyphosate to give growers more crop rotation options for wheat, barley and soybeans.

WILMINGTON, Del., May 01, 2013 –Wheat, barley and soybean growers in Northern Plains states have a new tool to boost the weed control and burndown power of their preplant tank mixtures. DuPont™ Panoflex™ herbicide, which recently received federal registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for preplant application, complements glyphosate and other tank-mix partners for additional control of tough winter annual weeds, dandelions and volunteer glyphosate-resistant canola.

Panoflex™ improves preplant glyphosate burndown in cool conditions any time ground is not frozen. As part of a tank mix with glyphosate products such as DuPont™ Abundit® Edge, Panoflex™ delivers broad-spectrum burndown to reduce early weed pressure and prepare for planting in states including Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

“Panoflex™ strengthens burndown weed control with glyphosate, giving farmers greater weed-control flexibility to deal with variable weather conditions,” said John Chrosniak, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. “That added flexibility can help widen the crucial spring planting window and get crops off to a strong start. Panoflex™ is another solution in our growing DuPont portfolio of burndown herbicides that control yield-robbing herbicide-resistant weeds and other weed challenges.

“By offering new crop protection products tailored to specific regions and situations,” he added, “DuPont continues to help growers across the country with successful weed control and weed resistance management strategies that help meet the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population.”

Effective at low use rates, Panoflex™ gives growers an effective short-residual burndown product that controls weeds quickly, leaving fields ready for planting to a variety of crops including wheat, barley, corn and soybeans. The recommended rate for Panoflex™ in most conditions is 0.4 ounce per acre.

Panoflex™ offers flexible plant-back options for many Northern Plains crops, including corn and wheat. See the product label for complete details.

Through the DuPont™ TruChoice® Opportunity Program, Panoflex™ and Abundit® Edge are available with grower financing and other purchase incentives that allow growers to earn up to an 8 percent incentive on all DuPont Crop Protection product purchases.

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