Alluvex® Herbicide

Burndown Application Helps Corn Start and Stay Weed-Free

DuPont™ Alluvex® herbicide provides powerful burndown and residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds in Northern Plains states.

Alluvex® encourages strong stand establishment by preparing a clean seedbed and protecting young corn plants from early weed competition.  Tank-mixed with a glyphosate burndown program, Alluvex® delivers reliable control even under cool spring conditions, letting growers in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota get a jump on the season.

Powerful Partner for Broad-spectrum Control

Alluvex® contains two active ingredients for better burndown and extended residual control. It is translocated and absorbed by roots and foliage, rapidly inhibiting growth of susceptible weeds.

Pairing Alluvex® with glyphosate lets growers tackle many grass and broadleaf weeds that can interfere with stand establishment. Key weeds controlled include volunteer alfalfa, dandelion (6-inch diameter), common lambsquarters, common buckwheat, volunteer canola (excluding Clearfield varieties) and mustards, plus suppression of field bindweed and Canada thistle.

Partnering Alluvex® with dicamba helps control ALS-resistant kochia.

Tank-Mix Compatible

The water-soluble granular formulation mixes easily with a variety of burndown herbicides, including 2,4-D LVE, glufosinate, dicamba, Abundit® Edge (glyphosate) and Breakfree® NXT.  For best results, follow Alluvex® mixing guidelines (PDF).

As part of the TruChoice® rewards program, Alluvex® helps growers get the most value from every acre.

Product Information

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