Basis® Blend Herbicide

Outstanding Post Harvest Burndown Plus Residual Weed Control

DuPont™ Basis® Blend Herbicide features outstanding post harvest burndown plus residual weed control in an enhanced, dry-blended formulation.

Post Harvest Application Delivers a Cleaner Spring Seedbed:

Applied in the fall, Basis® Blend provides long-lasting weed control for cleaner, warmer seedbeds the following spring in fields that will be planted to corn. Diminished weed cover allows no-till and reduced-till fields to be ready for earlier planting.
Cleaner fields reduce additional passes in the spring saving growers time, fuel and money.

Controls Tough Weeds:

Basis® Blend works to control glyphosate-tolerant and glyphosate-resistant weeds plus other key weeds, including dandelion, poison hemlock, annual bluegrass, henbit and other winter annuals.

Enhanced Formulation:

Advanced formulation dissolves more completely so it mixes easier, minimizes residue left in the tank and requires less rinsing. Basis® Blend is more readily absorbed by weeds, resulting in more consistent control over a wide variety of environmental conditions, including cool fall or early spring conditions.